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發藥常用英文- 病患交付處方箋時相關的英語會話


這是你的處方箋 請先到櫃台繳費 再到藥局領藥
Here is your prescription for some medicines. Please pay the bill at cashier counter ; then go to pharmacy to receive your medicines.
Please take this prescription to the pharmacy to have it filled .
可以請你幫我配這個處方箋的藥嗎 ? 沒問題 這是我的職責
Can you fill this prescription for me ? Yes, It is my job.
我頭痛 可以給我一些藥嗎 ?
I have a headache. May I have some pills like painkiller or any medications like that for headache?
喔... 抱歉 ! 這裡是醫院, 沒有處方箋 , 我無法給你任何藥品
Oh, sorry ! Here is a hospital. I cannot give you any medicines without prescription.
失眠已困擾我已久, 我可以買安眠藥嗎 如 stilnox  ( Ambien )?
I've had a insomnia for weeks. Can I buy some sleeping pills like stilnox ( Ambien ) ?
真的很抱歉 ! Stilnox 是一種管制 藥品必須有醫生的處方 才能取得 所以我無法賣你  我建議你最好去看醫生 如有必要 醫生會開處方箋給你
Really sorry  !  Stilnox  ( Ambien ) is a kind of  controlled drug  and is only available on prescription so  I cannot sell you without prescription.  Well, I recommend you'd better see a doc. If  necessary , the doc. will give you a prescription.